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Invoice-related Information


David’s Angel, in response to the call for “environmental protection and carbon reduction”, promotes the paperlessization of unified invoices. We are with you to protect the earth.


1. After using SHOPLINE electronic invoices, an “Invoice Issuance Notification Email” will be sent to the order email address. If you are unable to receive the email due to incorrect personal information, you can contact the store to request a re-issuance of the electronic invoice notification.


2. When the invoice wins a prize, the system will automatically send a “Cloud Invoice-Member Carrier” winning email notification to the customer. The customer can then go to a convenience store (7-Eleven, FamilyMart, or Hi-Life) multi-media machine to print and claim the prize by entering the invoice number and random number.

If the carrier is “Cloud Invoice-Mobile Barcode or Natural Person Barcode”, the carrier will be notified by the Ministry of Finance. If the consumer has completed the carrier binding settings on the Ministry of Finance’s large platform, the prize will be automatically deposited into the bank account. Consumers can log in to the large platform to confirm the status of the carrier binding and prize collection settings.


3. If the invoice contains a corporate code, the buyer will receive a PDF invoice file in their email address. The buyer can download and print the PDF invoice file using the buyer’s unified code as the password.


4. If the invoice is of the “donation” type, it will be automatically donated upon issuance.