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DAVID’S ANGEL Membership Program


.Please remember to fill in complete and accurate basic personal information and your birthday in the member center, so as not to affect your membership benefits in the future. 

.Members must log in to their account and enter their birthday at checkout to enjoy the exclusive benefits of their membership level. 

.Membership is only available for a single account. Multiple accounts cannot be merged, accumulated, or transferred by the same buyer.

.The accumulated consumption amount of the membership will be accumulated and calculated based on the order amount of the completed transaction (no return). The refund amount, etc., cannot be included in the accumulated range.

.If a member arbitrarily cancels a transaction, refuses to receive a package, repeatedly processes returns/refunds, does not comply with the rules of the marketplace, or engages in emotional language, David's Angel reserves the right to cancel the membership and suspend the account. 

.David's Angel reserves the right to modify, change, or suspend this activity.